June 29, 2011

on return

I just came back to the mainland yesterday after spending over a week on Zanzibar. It's difficult to succinctly describe how incredible Zanzibar is, so I'll simply leave it as that, incredible. I went with a friend originally with the intention to spend most of our time at the Zanzibar International Film Festival, but plans quickly changed after we found out how expensive life on Zanzibar was, and after we discovered how much else the island has to offer. We snorkeled, we shopped, we lazed on the beach, and we saw Shaggy in concert!

I have a ton of footage to go through from the trip, so keep your ear to the ground because the clips are coming!

June 1, 2011

important things come in "short" timeframes

We're in the waning days of terminal exams here at school. Hard to believe I may not be here much longer. Between my vacation later this month to Zanzibar and COS conference at the beginning of August (and assuming I land the extension down south), I have only a precious pair of months left here at site.