September 22, 2011

sound off

It's been a slow two weeks.

Not really a whole lot going on in my new line of work just yet, but I'm getting paid to stay in a 3-star hotel on Zanzibar...hard to complain about not having much to do. It is a bit unnerving to think that I've been living out of hotels since the beginning of September though, with no end in sight. I'm still in the dark about my placement since I never got a response about my scope of work from the Chief of Party. That also means I have no job outline, but I've been keeping myself busy preparing for a presentation to persuade our team to try some outside-the-box techniques for developing training manuals. As long as this goes through, I'll have plenty to keep me busy for the next year. If it doesn't for some reason...well, I simply refuse to think in that direction.

September 5, 2011

another beginning

Apologies for the lack of updates and tweets in the past 2 weeks; it's been hectic with preparations for my new leg of service, and my phone battery is another story. I got a replacement today after showing the broken one to a sales clerk. She commented "imevimba," to which I blindly replied "yes, imevimba," not knowing at all what "vimba" meant. Turns out it means to become inflamed, or in this case, to bulge or swell. It wouldn't fit in the battery compartment anymore, to the point where I could barely close the casing on the back. Anywho, new battery, good times.

Expect some tweets this week; I'll be in Dar at a beach-side resort for a team building retreat with my new family of co-workers! Should be informative and fun.