September 21, 2009

last days

I've spent the last few days driving up to Philly from North Carolina, visiting family and friends along the way. We left Friday morning for Virginia, where I got to hang out with both sides of my family. On Saturday, we drove up to College Park for the Maryland - Middle Tennessee State game, which I watched with my parents and my brother. Finally, I spent today at church in Delaware serving communion with my favorite pastor and with old friends from my high school years.

I'm a little too exhausted to elaborate on the details, but I will say one thing. Either I've become very tuned in to God's plans, or His providence has been abundantly evident throughout this trip. Whether it's the little things, like the timing of our arrival to church this morning, or the bigger things, like running into good friends at the Maryland game immediately upon entering the stadium, God has been so good!

The nerves about departure and thoughts of a new way of life have been coming and going, but the overall vibe I'm feeling is excitement. It is much more a beginning of something new for me than the end of an era.

My prayer right now is for humility. It's been a little weird receiving so much encouragment and love all at once, to the point where I've had to keep my ego in check. God deserves all the credit for this, everything from the friends I have to the purposes He's planned for me.

Registration is tomorrow at 1:30pm and Orientation is from 3-7pm. Hopefully I'll find some time to write a little entry after the meeting to update you all, but I might need that time to socialize and make sure everything's in order for Tuesday (read "watch How I Met Your Mother and the Big Bang Theory one more time before I leave"). Thanks again for all of your prayers and support!

Mungu ni nzuri!