April 23, 2010

ist: part 2

We just finished the PEPFAR sessions about 3 hours ago, and everybody is exhausted and happy it's over.  I'll let the comic tell the story of the past few days, since Monday kind of set the tone for the week.

Note: this is not what was literally said, but it does capture the spirit with which some of us spoke to our guest speaker Monday morning. It was a very uncomfortable 90 minutes for many of us, to say the least.

Most of us are ready to go back to site, either because we've gotten tired of sitting in the same room for 8 hours a day, or because we're excited to use some of the things we've learned about here.  I'm a little bit of both.

When IST is a little bit farther away (time-wise), I'll come back and give some deeper thoughts.  You'll have to excuse me since my brain is fried at the moment.  Must've been the 2.5 Guinesses I had last night at our informal dinner with the Country Director; those things are 7.5% alcohol here in TZ!