January 12, 2012

oven at last, oven at last!

To celebrate Zanzibar Revolutionary Day (Zanzibar's "Independence Day"), I've purchased this giant cooking apparatus. It's been nearly two weeks since I moved in and I've had no way to cook for myself. While I went almost 6 months in Singida without cooking anything at home, the circumstances are now quite different. First of all, I'm not scared of poisoning myself anymore. Second, quick access to local mgahawas (small shops that serve food) is quite limited here, and they're a bit more expensive. Lastly, I actually have a decent grip on some culinary skills now, and would like to continue extending them.

As you can see in the picture above, the cooking unit I've selected has a small oven (!!). What you aren't able to see is the auxiliary rotisserie function it also has (!!!). Yeah, that means I can make my own rotisserie chicken. Although that also means I need to learn how to slaughter a chicken; you can't buy pre-slaughtered chickens outside of Dar (not necessarily a bad thing). I'll let you know if I make any headway on that skill.

But I'm really excited about having an oven. I can actually bake things for real! I'm using this as an opportunity to get into bread-making. While I've seen bread around town (even some that says it's made in Masasi), I haven't found a bakery, which is where I prefer to buy my bread products. Ipso facto, I'll be my own bakery.

I'll post pictures when I succeed, either in slaughtering a chicken or making a loaf of bread. Graphic images (most likely of the former) will be accompanied with an appropriate warning if necessary.