October 3, 2010


I've decided to take a personal day today here in Singida before I head back to site, this post being one of the reasons for hanging back. That being said, don't expect much; I've probably slept a total of 15 hours in the past week (just woke up from a three-hour nap).

Yesterday was our last day of conference. And I wasn't there for most of it. Each day of the conference, we had "go-for" people that take a trip into town to run errands, both for general needs like water and snacks and also for the occasional personal errands. I was one of these people yesterday, alongside my friend Cessie, and we had a tall list to fulfill, even personal errands aside. We had to get the conference certificates printed, pick up more than the usual load of water since it was Sports Saturday, and get return transportation arranged for today. Our time in town was much like how the rest of the conference has progressed; headache after headache and problem after problem, but we pushed through and hung on by a thread. Both of us left town battle-scarred and at wit's end. But we made it through, and our hard work and uncompromising bargaining skills paid off. Transport went off without a hitch today, an impressive feat considering the nightmares you hear (and dream) about.

Aside from our personal agenda, we held a "graduation" ceremony, where our guest of honor (a social worker here in Singida), handed out certificates to the girls. Then, after sports and dinner, we held a talent show and a dance party to finish the conference. I'd talk about what happened at the end of the talent show, but I'll let the video speak for itself. I'll be sure to post a dedicated entry when it gets uploaded.

Back to the personal stuff. I was in charge of all-things-tech this week, including videography, photography, as well as compiling everyone else's work in one place (haven't quite gotten everything just yet). I wanted to share a few more pics with you all, despite still being tethered to my internet-enabled phone that struggles to reach dial-up speeds at times. When I return to my site (and an internet cafe with a fresh data voucher for me to devour), I'll start the torrent of Flickr uploads.

Group shot after presenting the certificates
Volunteers after the dance party to close out the conference
Video coming soon...