October 2, 2010


Cessie led our condom demonstration
Don't be afraid. This is the theme for our girls conference. After 2 full days of sessions, the girls have learned quite a bit; I lead off with Facts and Myths about HIV/AIDS, followed by HIV/AIDS education and prevention...we've had sessions on goal setting, communication skills, and of course, a condom demonstration.
Madata, my counterpart
The past week has gone quickly; I've essentially been surgically attached at the hip to my counterpart since last Sunday, filming for a video that hasn't been finished, getting our presentation ready, and finally getting the girls here to the conference venue. So far the hard work has paid off, and while not everything has been perfect (our schedules haven't even been close to a reality), we've been rolling with the punches and our girls have been enjoying their time with us.

Sewing menstrual pads!
Hopefully there will be more pictures for you all tomorrow; I'm doing what I can with a 3 kb/sec internet connection (I'm tethering my phone to my laptop).